Alan Frijns (Lisaya, Soulcry, Roan Portman, Fifth Entity) is an electronic dance music producer located in the southern region of the Netherlands.

Influenced by artists like Enigma, Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Westbam and The KLF, Alan started making music in the early 90-s with an Amiga 500 and a program called Protracker.
After a few years of sampling and creating songs, he bought his first synthesizer in 1996, the Korg X5, which was a great synthesizer to start with.
Since then, music became a great passion and huge part of his life. Around 1997 he switched to the PC platform because of the Amiga’s limitations (only 4 audio voices at that time).

The following years, several new synthesizers, mixing desks, monitoring speakers, outboard effects processing units and many other equipment became part of the studio.
In 2001, Alan signed his first record deal (a vinyl release with a quantity of 1000 pieces) with Start Stop Records for the song “Melody of Consolation” under the alias “Fifth Entity”. This song was also licenced on 2 major trance collection cd’s in that year. In 2002 the follow up “Cascadian” was released as a promo vinyl.

In the next years (2002 till 2005), Alan was very busy with his productions and constantly working on ways to enhance the studio and sound.

In the end of 2005 he met Thomas Petersen from Sweden, through the Dutch Synthforum.
Thomas already knew a lot about trance music and had many connections with other producers, labels and artists.
Alan and Thomas started working together and in june 2006 they had a licencing contract with Tunnel Records for the Tunnel goes Ibiza 5 compilation cd. That track was called “Embracing Sunlight”.
Since then, Alan and Thomas made a lot of remixes for artists such as Dj Dean, Alex Bartlett, Mario Lopez, Dj Sakin, Empyre One, Torsten Stenzel, EBJ, Dj Nell & Dj Beda and RMB.

In 2008, Alan released the track “Lisaya feat. Imke Heitzer – The Strongest Emotion”.

In 2009 it was followed by “Soulcry feat. Guido Staps – Dying To Live”.

In 2010, Alan got back in to contact with Maurice Meerten who got him in touch with Club Nation Records.

In 2011, there will be several releases under the Lisaya alias.
The Roan Portman alias will be used as trademark for chillout remixes and projects.

Alan’s main goal in making music is creating original, fresh sounding productions!

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